Even a commercial kitchen feeds the people. And people are the most important component of any business or home. Do you have an awesome house, shop, office, warehouse, clinic or gallery, and yet eat in a cramped, outmoded and unappealing kitchen? Or are you building a new premises and have not really thought about this essential facility? When people prepare food and eat, the user-friendliness and environment of the home or commercial kitchen will affect them for long afterwards.

The design plus fittings and materials all play their part in supporting the people using your kitchen. Furthermore it expresses your image and speaks about your business or home. Because it is such an important aspect of your life, we take care in guiding you in choosing design, material and fittings to match your budget and purposes. Note that we also do residential kitchens, with the same care as our bigger projects.


Here at Carpentry By Freddy we pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service, communication, products and work. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to complete your kitchen carpentry to the highest standard. In addition it is our goal to tailor every aspect of the work to fit your style with minimal interruption to your work. Whether you are doing an upgrade of an existing premises or a new commercial kitchen installation, we can help you optimise your kitchen environment. Also because we manufacture our own products, we can handle any size of job with personal attention to detail and significant cost saving. Furthermore we are fast, reliable and professional, covering particularly the North Shore, Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Call us today on 02380 - 989130.


Whether you're after ultra modern, minimalist, conventional or regal heritage looks, we are experts who can match your preferred style. Your carpentry can be made of one kind of style and material or a mixture for contrast and function. For example, a very modern look would be using lacquer for high cabinets and wood for the lower ones. Or timber frames with lacquer or melamine door panels? Click 'SHOW ALL' to see our portfolio and thus get some ideas for your project.


We supply and fit a range of different types and colours of materials you would normally require for a commercial kitchen. These are lacquer, melamine, PVC and solid wood. See the sections below for more information and examples.


Lacquer is made from fibreboard coated and polished with polyester and polyurethane. It is bright, sleek and richly coloured. Matt, satiny, high gloss or metallic, it comes in whatever colour you prefer. When done well the surfaces are durable and relatively scratch-resistant. You can clean it with a soft cloth and a proper lacquer cleaner, avoiding abrasives and solvents. Lacquer might be prone to scratching in a busy kitchen environment or with young children around. Thus one of the other materials below, or a custom combination, might be a better choice your purposes.


'Melamine' means a layer of synthetic melamine resin bonded onto compressed wood particle panels. It’s available in matt and gloss in a wide range of colours and finishes. Whether you prefer block colours, faux wood grain, understated, or outrageously modern, there's a melamine for you. Melamine is economical, being less expensive than solid wood. It is also strong, waterproof and hygienic. Furthermore we seal the edges and joins against heat and water (including humidity and steam). It’s easy to maintain - you can clean it using just mild detergent with a soft cloth or brush, avoiding abrasive products. With children and rough handling, the melamine surface can be chipped allowing water in. Thus you'll need to consider the likely environment before deciding upon your kitchen materials.


People began to go for PVC (vinyl) coated kitchen furniture starting in the 1990s. Vinyl remains affordable and popular today. A PVC kitchen can look just as elegant as timber, lacquer or melamine. The wood-look vinyl is hard to distinguish from real timber. One of the benefits of vinyl for raised panel doors (for example) is that you don't get cracking. This is because there are no seams. Nor does the surface discolour with time. Furthermore it is extremely easy to clean with a damp cloth. When choosing materials for your kitchen, be aware that vinyl is best away from heat sources around the oven and stove. Also if you wish your kitchen furniture to last a lifetime, perhaps consider going for the more expensive option of solid wood.


For long-term durability, solid wood is unbeatable. From classic to modern, timber is suitable for all applications. Your solid wood surfaces can be simply oiled with or without stain for the natural look, or painted any colour you desire. If you run a busy kitchen where furniture and fittings receive a lot of rough handling, timber is a top choice. As it ages and becomes worn, the surface can be freshened up over and over again. You can choose a new colour scheme then or at any time, using oils, stains or paints. Or you can mix other materials, such as putting marble or lacquer tops on wooden benches.

With our fast turnaround and competitive prices, you'll be glad you brought us on board. Call us today.