Kitchen Fittings


Have you given as much careful thought to your kitchen fittings as to the rest of your design? Will the degree of organisation and user-friendliness of your fittings match the elegance of your kitchen? If you're renovating or building anew, are your ideas on kitchen fittings outdated? Gone are the days of having to reach blindly into deep, dark cupboards and scrambled drawers. Also gone are the days of 'one size fits all' taps and sinks. Here at Carpentry By Freddy we believe that you deserve beauty, efficiency, and supreme ease of use in your kitchen. To do this we can help you plan your storage space and washing areas with a range of well-designed products. We work with all budgets to bring you a tailored solution for your requirements.


We provide quality kitchen fittings of the following types: basket storage systems for cupboards and drawers, faucets (taps) with various shapes and functions, and different configurations of sinks. Read below for more details about these types of fittings.


Whether you find it physically difficult to reach or bend, or are just very busy and need your space highly organised, you will love basket systems. You won't have to rummage to find things any more. You can have a rotating shelf in your cupboard or drawer set that brings your food and utensils right to the front. The baskets have sections designed for different types of contents, such as crockery and cutlery held firmly in their own spaces. Or various food containers arranged securely by size and shape. For example, your herbs and spices sit on top and in front, while larger jars and packets occupy bottom or back areas. Furthermore, with the open grid style of these baskets, you can see all of your gear wonderfully easily. So time-saving! And you will find that instead of the old frustration, you will enjoy working in your kitchen much more.

There is also a shelf system that levers forwards and down out of the cupboard to display the contents, so you don't have to reach or tiptoe. From corner cupboards to drawers of all sizes to full height cupboards, we can tailor your storage spaces for optimum design and performance.


Faucets must deliver water when and where you want them to. As well as that they must be beautiful and unobtrusive when not in use. We have a range of styles of faucets in stainless steel to fulfil these functions. Our faucets employ the lever-and-turn system for selecting both the temperature and the force of the water. One flowing hand movement is all you need to get what you want. In addition the faucets swivel out of the way of the sink when you need space to work. You can also have a gooseneck-mounted faucet that points wherever you aim it. This is especially handy in commercial kitchen fitouts where there are high volumes of washing. This is because you'll require good pressure and directed flow to remove food leftovers and conserve water. And the stainless steel always looks bright and clean.


Stainless steel sinks come in so many beautifully designed configurations that there's bound to be one for you. You can customise the sink and faucet combination to suit the way you work, cook and clean in your kitchen. And also to accommodate the number of people who work or dine in the kitchen. Many aspects of the sink can be tailored. You can have a single sink or a double. You can add a centre basin between double sinks for those small jobs, such as rinsing small items, draining frequently-used cutlery, etc. Your sink can be square, rectangular or round. Some have rims designed to hold a chopping board suspended above the sink.

There's a variety of matching baskets in different designs to fit into your sinks how and where you want them. As a result you can extend the function of your sink. With these fittings you can wash and drain veggies in the suspended baskets, chop juicy foods over the sink, as well as wash, drain and dry your dishes as usual.

Contact us today to ask about fittings for your new or renovated kitchen. And also have a look at our fitouts and renovations carpentry services - because you might wish to match style throughout your work and living spaces. Call us today.