A custom wardrobe can become a feature adding value to your premises. You can design a new wardrobe to complement your existing or intended design theme. Your wardrobe should get as much attention as the other fittings. However if you are adding a new wardrobe into your existing design, we can customise the carpentry and finishes to match your theme. Thus the wardrobe will neither look nor function out of place with its setting. A further reason to customise is to maximise the use of the space you have available. And also to provide easy access to your items.


Stuck on wooden wardrobes? Our carpenter can take it beyond the mundane. That’s because he can produce beautiful timber designs, woods, colours and finishes. All the other materials are available to you too. They include laminates, PVC, melamine, etc. to suit any style and budget. Your wardrobe can be fitted with hinged swing doors or sliding doors. Or a walk-in closet with or without doors. It is very important how your clothing is arranged, especially for people with busy lifestyles or disabilities. You will love the freedom of ordering your clothes to suit how you dress. You need ease in choosing different dress to match the day’s activities. With a customised wardrobe or closet, your clothes can be divided into sets of your choosing. Furthermore you can have great flexibility of internal space dividers and storage options. Click on the photos for some great ideas on what you can do with wardrobes!